Paul Smith Earthmoving


Paul Smith Earthmoving is a leading earthworks contractor in New Zealand. They specialise in excavation, demolition, drainage, construction, road construction, landscaping, rock supply, trucking and transport works, and farming infrastructure. Spot Digital provides regular digital marketing support to help increase visibility in the market, engagement and leads.

We work in collaboration with Origin Design who creates all the visual creative for Paul Smith Earthmoving.

What we do

1. Digital Marketing Consultancy

2. Facebook Profile Updates, Posts & Advertising

3. LinkedIn Profile Updates & Posts

4. Google Search Ads & Display Advertising

5. Digital Marketing Reporting & Monitoring

What we achieved in the first 6 months

Comparing data to previous period:

  • Goals are up 150.29%.
  • Facebook post engagement up 771% and actions on page up 260%
  • Website traffic from Google Ads is up 82.28% and conversions are up 150.29%
  • Website traffic sessions up 98%

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